Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Well, when it Rains It Pours..and that's exactly what happened to me this week.  I took a brief vacation last week and now I need a few days off to recover from the backlog of work I faced upon my return!  So much to few people to do it for me.  But I digress.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a collection of works relating to the prompt word: SHOWER

Fabric Shower Curtain featuring the original photography of Robin Dickinson, owner of RDelean Designs available here at her Etsy shop for $ 60.00 Robin is a photographer who enjoys using her images to design home decor that is centered upon nature.

Wondering how to turn YOUR art into a shower curtain, a pillow, a rug, or a duvet cover?  Visit and upload your photographs and artwork to create one of a kind home decor pieces.

Here's an item that was created previously but relates to the theme of SHOWERS in more than one way.

It's a rainbow cloud ornament, available for $10.00 here
Donni Webber is legendary on Etsy for her felted artwork. I was lucky enough to be team mates with her and absolutely adore her shop FAIRYFOLK.  Her felted acorns are an iconic item and I think Donni helped to create the Etsy aesthetic.

Speaking of beautiful aesthetics- here is a submission from my favorite person Karen Hahn.

"Let Your Genius Reign" NFS, but inquiries welcome.  Karen writes:

"Shower yourself with praise" is always something we artists forget to do.  Mixed material on wood panel, these drawings are never thought through too thoroughly, and I never start them with much more than a sketch in my head.   I spend all my work days overthinking every piece of art I develop, so it is my intent to let these wood panel drawings evolve organically.    Sometimes the results are interesting, sometimes the composition is awful, but the medium does not allow takesiesbacksies, so I just let them come to be."
I love the way the text is incorporated into the clouds and the raindrops- so that at first glance the messaging is not overwhelming but becomes something the viewer discovers as they spend more time with the image.  

This next painting is entitled Experience The Rain and available for purchase for $40.00 here

 painted by Angela May, on a 12 x 16 canvas with acrylics.
Kim Lawrence shows incredible versatility yet again with her SHOWERS submission below.  Entitled "Puddling Around" …of which she claims to be an expert! She wrote: " My favorite thing to do, is to play around with paint until something emerges and the unexpected happens.  It is always interesting and fun.  This time, what emerged, was a frog in a puddle after a rain shower, surrounded by the elements and reflections of his environment."

Painted with Encaustics and glass beads. I wish there was a "touch and feel" feature I could add because this painting looks full of incredible textures.

 NFS- inquiries welcome.  
 Last but not least, let me share some new jewelry from well known designer Lori Siebert.

Lori didn't make this gorgeous piece in response to the prompt word, but when I saw it on Facebook the composition struck me as a April Showers/ May Flowers kind of deal and she gave permission for me to share it.  Inquiries can be directed to Lori at her Etsy shop where she sells prints of her amazing artwork here.

I myself do not have a submission for this prompt because...well....
Next prompt will be announced in another posting soon. Stay tuned.

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