Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Art Submissions Wanted, Collaborative Works , Pairings Deadline June 14


Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg, CA
Submission Deadline: June 14, 2015
Online submissions only

   Application Fee: $35

Pairings: Collaborative Works by Two or More Artists is a juried exhibition that presents works created by artists working together. For centuries artists have collaborated, creating new forms, combining materials in radically new ways, or engaging in a rivalry of invention and technique. Picasso and Braque worked together to devise cubism, often using a healthy dose of collage and mundane materials. Robert Rauschenberg collaborated with Merce Cunningham, creating sets, lighting, scenery, and costumes for the Cunningham dance company, which Rauschenberg called his biggest canvas. 

Pairings will feature collaborative work by 21st-century artists and celebrate the creative acts of multiple contributors.

The juried exhibition will consist of original, collaborative artwork from approximately 50 artists, in the media of book arts, collage, drawing, encaustics, furniture, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. All work must have been created collaboratively, by two or more artists.
More info here

Saturday, April 18, 2015

keep it retro

presented by The Street Art Loft

July 15 - August 18, 2015 - Agoura Hills, CA

Application Deadline:
May 21, 2015

Application Fee: $40 for the first 3 images and $10 for each additional image (max 6)

Late Application: June 1
Late Fee: $40 + $10

We invite you to take part in the first juried art exhibition presented by the cutting edge gallery known as "The Street Art Loft". The title of our show is "Keep it Retro" in reference to the retro video game culture. The juried exhibition will consist of original artwork from approximately 50 selected artists. 

The goal of this show is to bring in a large audience with a relatable subject matter from the popular retro video games culture, while creating a wild and colorful show that will be exhibiting for over one month.

If selected you will then provide a 12" x 12" inch painting or illustration for the show. . The winner of the show with the best illustration will be awarded a published print of their work and an opportunity to be a featured artist for a solo exhibition at "The Street Art Loft".

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Well, when it Rains It Pours..and that's exactly what happened to me this week.  I took a brief vacation last week and now I need a few days off to recover from the backlog of work I faced upon my return!  So much to do...so few people to do it for me.  But I digress.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a collection of works relating to the prompt word: SHOWER

Fabric Shower Curtain featuring the original photography of Robin Dickinson, owner of RDelean Designs available here at her Etsy shop for $ 60.00 Robin is a photographer who enjoys using her images to design home decor that is centered upon nature.

Wondering how to turn YOUR art into a shower curtain, a pillow, a rug, or a duvet cover?  Visit Society6.com and upload your photographs and artwork to create one of a kind home decor pieces.

Here's an item that was created previously but relates to the theme of SHOWERS in more than one way.

It's a rainbow cloud ornament, available for $10.00 here
Donni Webber is legendary on Etsy for her felted artwork. I was lucky enough to be team mates with her and absolutely adore her shop FAIRYFOLK.  Her felted acorns are an iconic item and I think Donni helped to create the Etsy aesthetic.

Speaking of beautiful aesthetics- here is a submission from my favorite person Karen Hahn.

"Let Your Genius Reign" NFS, but inquiries welcome.  Karen writes:

"Shower yourself with praise" is always something we artists forget to do.  Mixed material on wood panel, these drawings are never thought through too thoroughly, and I never start them with much more than a sketch in my head.   I spend all my work days overthinking every piece of art I develop, so it is my intent to let these wood panel drawings evolve organically.    Sometimes the results are interesting, sometimes the composition is awful, but the medium does not allow takesiesbacksies, so I just let them come to be."
I love the way the text is incorporated into the clouds and the raindrops- so that at first glance the messaging is not overwhelming but becomes something the viewer discovers as they spend more time with the image.  

This next painting is entitled Experience The Rain and available for purchase for $40.00 here

 painted by Angela May, on a 12 x 16 canvas with acrylics.
Kim Lawrence shows incredible versatility yet again with her SHOWERS submission below.  Entitled "Puddling Around" …of which she claims to be an expert! She wrote: " My favorite thing to do, is to play around with paint until something emerges and the unexpected happens.  It is always interesting and fun.  This time, what emerged, was a frog in a puddle after a rain shower, surrounded by the elements and reflections of his environment."

Painted with Encaustics and glass beads. I wish there was a "touch and feel" feature I could add because this painting looks full of incredible textures.

 NFS- inquiries welcome.  
 Last but not least, let me share some new jewelry from well known designer Lori Siebert.

Lori didn't make this gorgeous piece in response to the prompt word, but when I saw it on Facebook the composition struck me as a April Showers/ May Flowers kind of deal and she gave permission for me to share it.  Inquiries can be directed to Lori at her Etsy shop where she sells prints of her amazing artwork here.

I myself do not have a submission for this prompt because...well....
Next prompt will be announced in another posting soon. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Out Of Your Comfort Zone

(pendant above is available here)

 Many people think that the best stuff happens "outside of your comfort zone."  Personally, I don't think in order to do your best work that you have to continually leave that familiar place--but I do think you need to increase its boundaries. Move your fences on a daily basis.  Try to learn something new, and cultivate curiosity in all things. 

Last week's theme was a bit of a bust and I am thinking that one of the reasons many people found it difficult to participate is that when we leave our "comfort zones' and venture into unknown scary places, we want to do that without worrying about what other people will think of the path we cut through the foreign jungle.  Having to share your "out of the comfort zone" work in so public a forum may have defeated the purpose of the exercise- which was to STRETCH and TO GROW.  While I had every intention of abandoning my comfort zone of painting- which for me is a solid black line-because I knew I would be sharing it,  I found myself being too critical and too much "in my head" to really enjoy trying a new  technique. And so maybe it is no accident that I forgot to bring the finished painting to work with me this morning.  So here I will share what I did that was highly unusual for me this weekend:
I rarely make sculptures, but started this one that I hope to enter in the Clay National.

Someone who did not hesitate and had her work off to me within a day of the prompt is artist Kim Lawrence.  She wrote:
"Outside the comfort zone" for me was to play around with digital painting using ArtStudio on my iPad. The program has been sitting on my iPad for a year and I haven't touched it.   And actually…
It was very liberating and fun! I am truly not over thinking and just letting whatever happens happens. These are my first 2 attempts.  No pre-planning, no preliminary sketches, just letting creative expression be what it is"

"We Just Fit" came about when I drew 2 shapes that fit together… inspiring the painting of 2 people fitting together physically and emotionally.

"Together as One" is about global compassion and unity… simply inspired as the painting evolved. 
Artist Jack Wilcox took a beloved character out of his comfort zone 
"Cozmoe Explores Earth For The First Time"
Digital collage, triptych

Jack wrote: "Cozmoe is an 8-bit video game character I designed. He is an interstellar space explorer from a distant planet. In this triptych, he is seen encountering some of the many hostile environments and dangerous living things on Planet Earth. It is not uncommon for Cozmoe to feel "out of his comfort zone" while exploring new planets.
A lot of my current work is inspired by outer space and sometimes I find myself fantasizing about being in space. While this would be way out of my comfort zone, I think it would be very peaceful."

Artist Karen Hahn submitted this piece which is very different from her usual work, but equally as awesome:

 She wrote: "It is a vintage paint by number with my own text.  I like the double meaning of the message;  God is awesome, and so are you.   or me.   we need to remember that more!"

I realized looking at the pieces above that it would have been interesting to contrast these works with items in these artist's existing portfolios.  It is easier to see the distance people have traveled when viewing a map that shows the starting place.  Next time!

Here's a piece from one of my all time favorite peeps, artist Mary Anne Johnson
Mary Anne wrote: "LOVE a good deadline... Work in progress??? Very nervous about this." 

I think Mary Anne is right that deadlines can be INCREDIBLY INSPIRING, lol.  I think this is awesome and I applaud her for being nervous and doing it anyway!!  We all need to do more of what scares us or makes us nervous!

Here's another. Victoria Atelier makes gorgeous jewelry using wood and metal leafing, such as this pair of earrings:
$13.50 available here.  Now look what she does with watercolor, pencil and ink
Original painting $135.00

If you met Sheree Burlington in person you would be surprised to learn that she had any trepidation about ANYTHING--she is the type of gal who dives right in and teaches herself new things all the time.  Well known for her digital collage work and beautiful personalized ceramics business museware, Sheree has always been fearless about making additions to her creative wheelhouse.
Recently, she has been learning pattern making.
She wrote:  "I cannot tell you how much fun I am having in Illustrator! I have learned that I make my sketches too complicated, making them difficult to color. These are just doodles on photocopy paper - loving me that Illustrator fairy dust."

Which is a good reminder to us all: to play, and find the joy in discovery.   Remember when you were little  and it didn't matter if your drawing was going to go up on the fridge,  be given to your aunt Ruthie, or even perhaps be stealthily moved into the trash by a mom with too many papers lying around....you found joy in just the process, and the magic was in the doing.  That is what we all seek to return to as adult artists- those moments of transcendental creativity where you are so involved in the process that that product takes a back seat.  

$4.03 and available here

Next prompt is due Monday, APRIL 13- giving you a whole THREE WEEKS to complete and submit to me.  The theme is SHOWERS.  No porn please, LOL.  In between prompts I will begin featuring some of my friends and their work as well as continuing to share art contests and opportunities.

I know I had a problem with comments last week- but it should be fixed now!  Have a creative day!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Workhouse Art Center Clay National 2015- Deadline May 6, 2015 , $500 best in show

Workhouse Arts Center
5th Annual Workhouse Clay National 2015
The Workhouse Arts Center (WAF) is proud to announce a call for entries for its 5th Annual Workhouse Clay National Ceramics Exhibition 2015. This 5th Annual Workhouse Clay National Ceramics Exhibition is an “Open Call” for functional and/or sculptural ceramic artworks. The Workhouse Arts Center is excited to continue promoting the breadth of contemporary ceramic artwork being created throughout the USA.
Juror- Anne Currier

Anne Currier holds degrees from the School of the Art Institute, Chicago and the University of Washington, Seattle.
Ms. Currier received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, the American Crafts Council and Alfred University.
In addition to numerous private collections, Ms. Currier's work is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institutions, Washington, D.C.; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyung-ju, South Korea; and the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Entry Guidelines
Open to all ceramic artists 18 years and older residing in the U.S.
All works must be primarily ceramic. Mixed media works will be accepted only if ceramic materials are the primary media. The juror will make final determinations. Size is limited to artwork that fits through a standard door. Floor works must be firmly stable. Large scale installations shall be installed by artist. Wall-mounted pieces are limited to 20 lbs. per section. Work must have been produced within the last 3 years.
Selections will be conducted from images of works. No substitutions will be allowed. Artists may submit up to 3 entries with two images (including one detail) of each, not to exceed 6 images. Please proof read your entries carefully as this will be the information used to generate any publicity information.

Image Submission Guidelines

Please be prepared to submit the following when applying online:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Year completed
  • Type of clay and firing method
  • Size (inches) H x W x D
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Insurance Value/ Retail Price
  • A brief artist statement of no more than 150 words describing your work
* Artist must be ready to upload professional quality JPG images.
* The resolution of images should be 150DPI minimum; 300DPI maximum.
* Images need to be smaller than 15MB.

Entry Fee
All U.S. artists- $30
(Fee is non-refundable - payable thru PayPal when applying) for up to 3 entries (2 images (including one detail) per entry max.).

Best of Show- $500 - Sponsored by AMACO/Brent
1st place-$350 - Sponsored by Standard Ceramics, Inc.and Workhouse ceramics Program
2nd Place-$250 -Sponsored by Workhouse Ceramics Program
2 Honorable Mentions
Detailed information and Registration form: Available online December 10, 2014
Entry Submittal deadline: May 6, 2015
Acceptance notification: after June 1, 2015
Acceptance Contracts due: by July 1, 2015
Delivery of accepted work-being shipped: Due by July 24, 2015
Delivery of accepted work-being hand-delivered: July 27, 2015 10am-5pm only!
Installation: July 27 - July 31, 2015
Exhibition Dates: August 1– September 13, 2015
Opening Reception: August 8, 2015 from 6pm-8pm
Return of Shipped Artwork: Starting September 14, 2015
Pick-up of Delivered Artwork: September 14, 2015 10am-5pm only!


Artists are responsible for shipping their work to and from the Workhouse Arts Center and insuring it while in transit. Works may be shipped or hand delivered to the Workhouse Arts Center. Works must be shipped in reusable containers and packaging for re-packing and return shipping. Artist must provide a pre-paid return shipping label or check to cover return shipping costs*. Please! No Shipping Peanuts! If you must use them, please place in bags first!
Accepted work and contracts should be shipped/mailed to:
Workhouse Arts Center
Workhouse Clay National 2015
Gallery Bldg. W-16
9518 Workhouse Way
Lorton Virginia 22079
* Any check received for return shipping should be for the same amount as it costs to ship to the Workhouse Arts Center. When determining return shipping cost, artist must be sure to use same address as it was sent from.

Insurance and Sales

The Workhouse Arts Center agrees to hold safe the work(s) of art and agrees, if unsold upon completion of the consignment period, to return the work(s) of art in the same condition as received, less reasonable wear and tear. Artists are encouraged to insure artwork(s). The Workhouse Arts Center is harmless for any damage or loss whatsoever.
The Workhouse Arts Center agrees to try to sell the work(s) of art at the price listed on the online application. Prices cannot be increased or decreased unless the Workhouse Arts Center receives those instructions in writing.

The Workhouse Arts Center will conduct all sales through their sales gallery. A 40% commission on sales will be taken by the Workhouse Arts Center.
Photography and Permissions
Accepted artists agree to allow the Workhouse Arts Center to photograph work while on display for educational and publicity purposes.
Images of accepted entries will be retained for the Workhouse Arts Center archives and may be reproduced and posted on its website and in printed materials.
It is understood that works in the exhibition may be photographed, telecast, and reproduced for press and publicity purposes including but not limited to reproduction in newspapers, periodicals, magazines, in television programs and on the internet in connection with the exhibition and the Workhouse Arts Center.
An Opening Reception will occur on August 8, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Workhouse Arts Center-Vulcan Gallery.
Dale Marhanka
Ceramics and Glass Director

Coors Western Art Exhibit- Deadline April 30th

 Coors Western Art Exhibit
All Artwork for sale, $2,500 cash prize for best in show

Before applying, please visit our website, www.coorswesternart.com for details about the exhibit and events. We highly recommend you have an understanding of the show and its direction and purpose before applying.
Please submit only original work in any medium with Western subject matter - broadly defined. Etchings, prints, and photographs in small editions may be considered, no giclees or mechanical reproductions. There is a $25.00 application fee for each artist submitting work. Submit up to 10 examples of your work for review. The examples do not have to be the pieces intended for the exhibit, and you may submit multiple media in one application. All applications received on or before Thursday, April 30, 2015, will be reviewed by the curator.
Note: Selection of artists is made by a professional curator.
Upon acceptance, the curator will work with artists regarding the selection of artwork for the show. Contracts, terms and conditions, timelines, and artwork specs will be sent after acceptance as well. The Artists selected for the show are not guaranteed they will be asked back in subsequent years.
The National Western Stock Show is a not-for-profit organization. For more information visit www.nationalwestern.com.

Friday, March 20, 2015

POSTPONED AGAIN...Out Of Your Comfort Zone

FLU, SNOW, Take Your Pick! 
Today's posting has been pushed off until Monday- so feel free to submit through the weekend!
Stay warm, stay well, send wine.