Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Art Inspired By the Word FLIGHT


An apropos word for our first journey together!  Please forgive any errors, inclusions, exclusions, mistakes or imperfections in this posting.  Thank you to all the artists who participated! If you'd like to be included next week instructions appear at the end of the post.

Starting us off is a piece by Linda Apple entitled, appropriately enough, TAKE FLIGHT.  This is a high quality archival photographic print from her original oil painting.

Available in two sizes in her Etsy shop $18.00  here.

Sancha Demetriou created this hand forged and individually stamped sterling silver ring.  It reads: "She rules her life like a bird in flight". from the song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac 

$42.89 available for purchase here

Kenneth Wong created this illustration of airplane activities using watercolor, pen and ink.  Color print on cardstock.
$18.00 available here.

Using canvas, acrylic, sparkle flakes, art paper, birds, feather birds, glitter, Deborah created this 3D piece of art entitled Birds in Flight.  In describing her process, she writes: " I actually retired early, and decided I needed to do something fun and creative, so just sat down one day, after visiting my local craft store, and started just putting things together. " This item measures 18x24x1.5 inches. 
$45.00 and available for purchase here 

 'Journey Home'  by Eithne Roberts Original encaustic painting. 
Painting size: 6 x 6 inch, panel depth 20mm
Materials: R&F encaustic wax paint, collage paper, Wooden Plywood Panel.

$85.00 here

Karen Hahn, an artist whose work is sold worldwide, submitted this lovely piece.  8x10", mixed media on wood.  Work in progress.  Inquiries regarding it's sale can be left in comments below.

Diana Ramsay created this  wood Padron cigar box with atlas map cutout of an airplane featuring Canada and British Columbia.  She writes "I love to travel and learn about new cultures."
Measures: 6.25 x 5 x 2  $22.00 available here 

Loose, spontaneous, inspired art from Kim Lawrence entitled "No Burdens, No Hesitations" graphite on paper.
Leave inquiries about purchasing in comments below.

From Dawn Patel: " I paint thousands of stones. Some are left in public places as my contribution to the Free Arts Movement. Some I sell (this one is $10.00 on Etsy)  due to a growing demand.
I paint on the stones with Golden Acrylic paint, for the most dense and vibrant pigments.
This particular stone is a profile with a bird in flight. I call him bird brain when I'm in an irreverant mood, and the Mind's Flight when I'm feeling more poetic."
To learn more about Dawn's free arts project "Mystery Stones" please visit her  website here

Patti Brassard Jefferson shared an illustration from her first children's book HOW LONG WILL YOU LOVE ME?  Her website is here.  She created this drawing using Derwent watercolor pencils.
She describes her thought process: "I find that when I am doing illustrations for children's book, that if the image cracks me up a bit, I'm probably on to something. And even if I am not, well at least I've cracked myself up. Its a simple philosophy!"

"Take Flight" is a print from an original watercolor painting by Laura Crump. $10.00 available here

 Kim created this 3/4" square copper pendant, hand stamped with the word "believe". There is a silver toned, 1/2" flying pig charm attached at the top of the pendant.

 $18.00 available here

Here's my submission for this week. Work in progress 6 x 6 wood panel with acrylics.

And finally, we have the intrepid Meredith Malaga who wrote "I'm on vacation, so no time to create- does this picture count?"
And yes, of course it does! (Have a great vacation Merdy!)

Please show these fantastic artists some love by leaving a comment below!  Which piece is your favorite and why?

 If you'd like to participate in next week's theme, please take your inspiration from this phrase:
Many have said there was not enough time to complete submissions. You have until NEXT THURSDAY, March 19, to submit your artwork- the collective post will be on Friday along with the next week's prompt. Email submissions to me at Now get off the computer and  Get creating!


  1. Fabulous work! Thanks so much, Lorrie, for inspiring and showcasing this art.